David Kamara Professional Speaker and Trainer

David M Kamara

National Keynote Speaker And Trainer

With over ten years of speaking background, David style of his innate ability to create authentic engagement regardless of the room has blessed thousands of Students, Leaders, and professionals Nationally and Abroad.

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Ignite the spark of inspiration with David M Kamara, your go-to National Keynote Speaker!

  • Direct Sales Expert
  • Mastering the Art of Face to Face Selling
  • International Sales and Leadership Trainer
  • Door to Door Extraordinaire
  • Event and Trade Sales Expert
  • Art of Growing and Building Teams
  • Leadership Creation and Development
  • How to Build, Run, and Reproduce Highly Productive Sales Offices
  • Self Empowerment Maven
  • Motivational Leader
  • Brotherhood Advocate
  • Champion of Overcoming Adversity
  • Aids Survivor with an Astonishing Origin Story
  • Political Asylum Refugee with a Heart-touching Background

David M Kamara is more than just a National Keynote Speaker; he is a force to be reckoned
with. Drawing from his extensive background and international experience, he will take your
event to new heights, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

With expertise as a Direct Sales Expert and a Master of Face to Face Selling, David knows how
to captivate and connect with your audience. He brings a wealth of knowledge as an
International Sales and Leadership Trainer, ensuring that your team gains practical tools and
strategies for success.

Not just confined to boardrooms, David's incredible journey as a Door to Door Extraordinaire
and Event and Trade Sales Expert sets him apart. He knows how to navigate various
environments and create winning strategies tailored to your industry.

In the world of sales, building and growing teams is crucial, and David is a seasoned expert in
the Art of Growing and Building Teams. His insights into leadership creation and development
will empower your leaders and drive organizational growth.

David's expertise extends beyond the sales realm. He is a beacon of Self Empowerment and a
Motivational Leader, inspiring individuals to tap into their limitless potential. He believes in the
power of Brotherhood and fosters a sense of community and unity within every audience.

His own remarkable journey as an Aids Survivor with an Astonishing Origin Story and a Political
Asylum Refugee from Uganda, born in Nairobi due to war, adds depth and resonance to his
message. David has triumphed over adversity and embodies resilience, igniting hope in others.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness David M Kamara's transformational keynote. Book him
now for your next event and unlock the extraordinary potential within your team!

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David M Kamara is an accomplished keynote speaker whose speaking experience spans over a decade. He is a renowned personality in the sales training industry and has been invited to speak at numerous events across the world. His inspiring speeches serve as guiding posts for people who want to improve their leadership and business skills and motivate them to chase their dreams.

With his engaging persona, David commands the attention of everyone in the room and ensures they leave his events with practical sales skills that will help improve their businesses. He is particularly skilled at taking complex concepts and breaking them down into digestible nuggets of information that are easy to understand and apply.

Furthermore, David has an excellent reputation for delivering relevant messages that resonate with his audience. Being an experienced sales professional, he understands the challenges investors face daily and how best to navigate them. As such, he provides actionable insights through his speeches on how businesses can thrive even in challenging times.

Like a great storyteller, David uses anecdotes from his life experiences to drive home key points during his speeches. His storytelling ability not only makes his presentations more interesting but also helps reinforce lessons learned during the session.

Sales professional with over 15 years of experience

  • Knocked on over 840,000 doors and spoken to over 700,000 people

  • Recruited, trained, and promoted 3 outside offices in Phoenix, Albuquerque, and Kansas City

  • Tucson location generated over $1,000,000 in revenue year over year

  • Raised over $15 million for charity clients, including Child Fund Int., ASPCA, and No Kid Hungry

  • Personally involved in fundraising and development for Gospel Rescue Mission and Children's Advocacy Center of Southern Arizona

  • Named top field representative, ran #1 "Marketing Company of the Year" multiple times, and was named "Most Improved Marketing Company of the Year" in 2019

  •  Worked in 14 states in the US and internationally in the UK, India, Malaysia, and Australia



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